5 year guarantee

Firepit is 100% cast iron.

Can burn burn wood, charcoal and coal.

Comes with a steel stand and a steel grill

Dimensions: L:70cm, W:70cm, H:25cm

Colour: black

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Steel Kadai medium firepit, made of cast iron comes with a steel stand and a stainless steel BBQ grill. The BBQ grill has a hole in the design so more wood can be added while the grill is in use. Comes with a 5 year guarantee against thermal shock.


The Firepit can burn any type of fuel including wood, charcoal and coal.

This firepit has a strong and sturdy design, in order to last a long time so there is a 5 year guarantee.

Grill has a central opening so extra fuel can be added while the firepit is in use.


To avoid rust from occurring, it is best to use a waterproof cover. This helps extend the life of the firepit.


The actual firepit needs no assembly, as for the stand just link the legs into the stand and tighten the bolts.

User instructions are included with the product for more details


70cm Diameter

Colour: Black

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 25 cm


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