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Extra-large cappucino chimalin chimenea


  • Afc Chimenea with 5 year guarantee against thermal shock
  • Burns wood, charcoal and coal.
  • Can act as an outside radiator or a BBQ.
  • Complete with steel stand and clay lid.
  • Two piece chimenea
  • Design: chimenea with glazed coating.
  • Colour: Cappucino
  • Dimensions:
    • L: 51.6cm
    • W:51.6cm
    • H:129cm
    • Weight: 42Kg


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Extra-large cappucino chimalin chimenea with glazed coating. Comes with a matching clay lid and a steel stand.

AFC Chimalin

AFC Chimlain clay is a heat proof clay, that is sturdier and stronger than other clays. As a result it can handle bigger fires, in comparison. Thus has a 5 year guarantee against thermal shock.


Clay chimeneas have a great burning function, this model can be used as an incinerator as well as a BBQ. The main purpose of the chimenea is to burn wood efficiently as a result it leaves hardly any ash.

With the AFC chimalin you don’t need to worry about the size of fire as the clay will be able to take the heat, however this will cause the chimenea to stay hotter than normal clay chimeneas.

Chimalin clay is able to handle all wood burning fuels including: wood, charcoal and coal.


The design of the Extra-large cappucino chimalin chimenea: Plain cappucino chimenea with glazed coating.

The C51 models have a larger mouth than most other clay chimeneas, this enables easier refuelling and ease of access to the fire.


The only assembly for this product is to put the funnel onto the belly of the chimenea otherwise simply place the chimenea onto the stand.


We recommend that chimeneas are covered when not in use to protect from the weather. Covering is not as necessary when it rains although it becomes harder to get a fire going when the clay is damp/ wet.  It is recommended to cover the chimenea in winter as this will ensure its preservation and will enable it to last longer.


All chimeneas come with instructions on how to use it and what to use in order to fire it.

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Weight 47 kg
Dimensions 51.6 × 51.6 × 129 cm