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Extra-Large firepit rain cover


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The extra-Large firepit rain cover is made of hardwearing woven polyethylene. This material is resistant to UV and tear resistant. It will keep the steel or cast iron dry thus preserving life and appearance.

It is suitable for the following categories: Any firepit 80cm diameter and below.

This is a must have product for any firepit that is going to be left outside.


UV and tear resistant.

Suitable for any extra-large shaped firepits.

It will prevent the firepit from beginning to rust when it gets too wet. Therefore protecting them from rain and potentially frost damage when it is not in use.

You can pull the drawstrings to tighten the cover, so it fits more snugly around the chimenea.


The extra-Large firepit rain cover is made of hardwearing woven polyethylene, with brass eyelets for the drawstring.


Keeps the firepit dry in harsh weather, thereby preserving its life span.

Put the cover over the firepit to keep it dry, pull the drawstring to tighten so it won’t blow off in case of heavy winds.

Don’t put on the firepit while the firepit is hot.



Comes with some user instructions, detailing how to put the cover on.


Dark Green

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Weight .20 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 80 cm


User Instructions

Comes with user instructions


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