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Extra large fire bowl


  • 5 year guarantee
  • 100% cast iron
  • Includes steel grill
  • Can burn burn wood, charcoal and coal.
  • Excellent heat conductor.
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 65cm
    • Width: 65cm
    • Height: 51cm
    • Weight: 24Kg
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An extra large 100% cast iron fire bowl, called Meredir. with three legs that are stabilized with a ring. Legs have a scroll decorative design. Has a 5 year guarantee in case of fire cracking


Fire bowl-100% cast iron, so is strong and durable when fired.

Grill-chromed steel

Tong-steel with a wooden handle


Large capacity so suitable for big fires and large logs.

Can burn any fuel: wood, charcoal or coal.

Burning area: Top to Bottom-26cm, Width (side to side): 59cm, Depth (front to Back): 59cm


Comes with a BBQ grill that fits the circumference of the bowl. It has two handles to properly balance the grill when taking it off or placing it.

It also has a tong to move food around on the grill, when alight.

spanner included for assembly


We strongly suggest assembling it on a soft surfaces so the product has a lower chance of getting scratched. Attach the legs to the ring, then attack the legs to the body of the bowl.

Be careful with the product as cast iron is fragile and can crack easily when dropped.

It is advisory to use a screwdriver along with the spanner for assembly.

Instructions are included.


Comes in a coloured box that measures: length 65cm, Width: 65cm, Height: 32cm


The product has a 5 year guarantee in the case of cracking when fired, this guarantee only covers cracking when fired. If dropped when being moved and it cracks then, then the guarantee does not apply

Delivery times:

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 60.5 × 60.5 × 51 cm